Happy Holidays!

I’m off for the holidays to the East Coast, but here are some important year-end updates to roundup an incredibly busy term:

Architecture in Print: Fall 2011 marked the successful completion of our inaugural blog project entitled, “Architecture in Print” run by Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library at The University of Michigan. The project takes stock of periodicals and print matter in the “Special Collections Library,” and produces an annotated visual catalogue of materials that have impacted the dissemination of architectural knowledge in significant ways from the 1920s onwards. In Winter term, I’ll continue to work on William Muschenheim Collection focusing on European and American modernism.

Social Space / Spatial Practice: This week, I was finally able to finish my course publication draft and send it off to PVK R at CEPT University for review. The sent draft was a fairly extensive record of our collective involvement from this past summer. Broadly, the publication document seeks to contribute to the discourse on wider social meanings in urban design. Specifically, it is an attempt to outline the various contours of urban (social) design; to focus attention on social and political values of urban design; to deepen design discussions on space—society relationship; and to set a theoretical foundation for ongoing and newer investigations into people, places, and practices.

Emerging Voices Lecture Series: My involvement in P+ARG organized “Emerging Voices” lecture series will continue next semester. As a committee member, I submitted the grant proposal on behalf of the organizing committee, and we now have requisite funds to bring three emerging scholars to Ann Arbor to lead one formal lecture and one informal working session with current doctoral students and faculty members at The Taubman College. Each speaker corresponds to three specialty areas: design studies, history/theory, and urban planning respectively. Stay tuned for added information on speakers and discussion themes!

EDRA 43 Seattle Spring 2012: I will be chairing and presenting in a symposium at EDRA entitled, “Hard Space, Soft Space, and Architectures of Appropriation,” next year. I received an e-mail notification of acceptance just few days ago. Hurrah! This EDRA session will continue the conversation from last year, and involve paper presentations by a panel of three individuals focusing on notions of hard space, soft space, and (spatial) appropriation as key interrelated elements of emergent placemaking. More on session theme, paper abstracts and speaker bios, soon!

That’s all for now, folks! See you all in a few weeks time. Have a restful and rejuvenating holiday break!


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