Emerging Voices Winter 2012

Source: Taubman College on Vimeo

The Winter 2012 Emerging Voices Lectures Series is off to a great start! Following up on my pre-holiday post, we have a brilliant lineup of emerging scholars from within the fields of planning and architecture this year. Led by my colleague, E. Keslacye and team, the current series includes presentations by and doctoral seminars with Dr. AK Thompson, a Toronto-based designer, theorist, and activist; K. Cupers, 2010 Banham Fellow at the University of Buffalo School of Architecture; and L. Wolf-Powers, Assistant Professor in City and Regional Planning Program at the University of Pennsylvania. For more information on presentation topics, speaker bios, and overall schedule, please refer to our P+ARG website.

In the above video, K. Cupers’ talks about the “Social Project of Architecture” with special reference to the role and meaning of sociology in modernism’s social ambition in France, 1955-1975. As I mention in my introduction, Cupers is one of the most refreshing and stimulating emerging voices in architecture and urban design scholarship today. His work examines the social project of architecture and connects the “descriptive critique” of architecture’s social responsibility to the “constructive practice of design.” Personally speaking, his 2002 publication with Markus Miessen on the public life of “uncertain” urban spaces in post-wall Berlin and the Spring 2009 guest edited issue of Footprint Journal on the role and meaning of agency in built environment continue to stimulate my own thinking and current work on space and social meaning.


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